Our Quality Standard

What is C-GMP?

Cosmetic Current Good Manufacturing Practices (C-GMP) are a set of comprehensive guidelines set by the FDA that help cosmetic or body care related businesses consistently manufacture products that are up to safety and quality standards. The word cosmetic refers to goods or materials used to alter, enhance, cleanse, or groom the face or body including makeup, fragrance, soap, lip balms, shower gels, creams, lotions, body powders, face and hair products.

cGMP Manufacturing

Why C-GMP?

To ensure safety and quality, C-GMP requires that cosmetic manufacturers establish a set of quality standards and procedures that include the design, control, and maintenance of the production process. Good Manufacturing Practices also require that manufacturers use proper ingredients, handling, and storage of raw materials, as well as test and inspect finished products. Companies must also have the ability to trace each raw material and finished product down to the batch and date of shipment.

We are concerned with the manufacturing or production processes that impact the safety, consistency, and quality of the end product. As a cosmetic business we have a responsibility to ensure that products created and ultimately sold are safe, effective, and of consistent quality standards.


The prevention of unintentional contamination, spoilage, or misuse of final products that may cause undesirable reactions and other health effects. It can involve practices such as sourcing raw materials from a reputable supplier, ensuring facilities are cleaned appropriately, educating staff about regular hand washing, and proofreading labels before printing.


The ability to control manufacturing variables and processes so that a consistent outcome is achieved each time. For example, the formulation used, the types of raw materials selected, the sanitation protocols followed, and the technical ability of the cosmetic chemist are just some of the variables that can influence product quality. Creating accurate and thorough documentation, and then following them through, is vital in reproducing product quality and achieving consistency.


A product's ability to satisfy certain criteria based on its attributes and characteristics. The concept of 'quality' is often operationalized and defined according to objective requirements, such as color, odor, viscosity, and pH. It also encompasses issues such as safety and purity.

From our facility to your consumers, we exist to craft and produce wholesome, affordable goodness that heals and enriches our community, which is why we manufacture thousands of natural bar soaps using the cold-process method!