I'm joanna, the soap gal!

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Soap products are my jam. Seriously! I've been studying, creating, and refining my products for a decade now, and I absolutely love it. I find such joy in creating products that I've became a mentor and educator for other soap-based businesses.  Let's work together to create something magical and unique for your customers. 

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We pride ourselves in superior customer service and management. Once you become a customer of The Soap Gal, you’re an automatic friend. With hundreds of clients that have thousands of happy customers, you can be confident that you’ll receive quality products and service. 

We’re happy to serve your company and do not take the opportunity lightly. With our low minimums offer, it’s easier than ever to purchase. We promise to provide you and your customers with unforgettable products.

What I'm known for:

fabulous skincare products

mentor and educator for other soap businesses

honesty and integrity

turning customers
into friends

made with natural ingrediants

and lots of love

Our products are 95-100% natural and thoughtfully crafted every time. Only food grade oils are used and our fragrance oil is phosphate-free. You’ll be confident and excited to present these products to your customers.

Need something custom? No problem! We’re happy to work with your brand to create something specially-made for your customers.

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